Who moved my cheese: Engineering Smart farms, grids and AI

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Dr Hadis Karmipour Director of the Smart-Cyber-Physcial Systems Lab joins us to talk about research and diversity in engineering and security for the cyber-physical systems that deliver us power, farm our food and increasingly service our modern world.

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The Smart CyberPhysical Systems Lab


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Yazdinejad, A., Zolfaghari, B., Azmoodeh, A., Dehghantanha, A., Karimipour, H., Fraser, E., ... & Duncan, E. (2021). A Review on Security of Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture: Security Aspects, Attacks, Threats and Countermeasures. Applied Sciences, 11(16), 7518.

You can watch their video for farmers here:


The book "who moved my cheese?" is a good read if you would like to consider change and how to adapt. Everything is going to be connected to the internet and the cheese is going to move.

I wanted to add a note of clarification here, I asked if Dr Karimipour had been toughened by her experiences. I said I don't like the term and that's becuase I don't see being 'toughened up' as a positive outcome. If you are forced to change by a situation that is still change by force and if that situation is created by discrimination then that is unacceptable in an equitable society.

I attempted to swap the phrase "a double edged sword" with "every rose has its thorns", I am not sure how well that went but perhaps it will catch one " thorns come with roses ? Something like that perhaps ?

The audio at the start of this episode was again from the Prelinger Archives at, a wonderful resources. Not the music though, that was courtesy of an MPC one, a Korg NTS-1 and a glass of Jamesons.