Every dạy dỗ more to prevent cybercrime.

Episode Summary

Dr Fawn Ngo inspires us to be more precise in the application of routine activities theory to cybercrime, and opens our eyes to a group that may have been overlooked and left without the knowledge they need to be protected agains cybercrime.

Episode Notes

About our Guest:

Dr Fawn Ngo

Papers Mentioned in this Episode:

Ngo, F. T., & Paternoster, R. (2011). Cybercrime victimization: An examination of individual and situational level factors. International Journal of Cyber Criminology, 5(1), 773.

Ngo, F. T., Piquero, A. R., LaPrade, J., & Duong, B. (2020). Victimization in Cyberspace: Is It How Long We Spend Online, What We Do Online, or What We Post Online?. Criminal Justice Review, 45(4), 430-451.


The intro from this week was from the Prelinger archives and drew from an 1940s encyclopedia britannica film about immigration, and a Folgers coffee commercial.