Darknet Honeypots: innovating research into online criminal markets

Episode Summary

Can we observe cybercriminals as they shop for illicit goods on darknet marketplaces ? Jordan Howell joins with us to talk about what we can learn about darknet stolen data marketplaces, innovative techniques for gathering data and the benefits of these approaches to researching criminal behaviour online. Professor Nicolas Vermeys answers another stupid question about the law and illegal access.

Episode Notes

About our guests:

Jordan Howell

Prof Nicolas Vermeys

Papers or resources mentioned in this episode:

Marie Ouellet, David Maimon, Jordan C Howell, Yubao Wu, The Network of Online Stolen Data Markets: How Vendor Flows Connect Digital Marketplaces, The British Journal of Criminology, Volume 62, Issue 6, November 2022, Pages 1518–1536,

Howell, C. J., Fisher, T., Muniz, C. N., Maimon, D., & Rotzinger, Y. (2023). A Depiction and Classification of the Stolen Data Market Ecosystem and Comprising Darknet Markets: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 10439862231158005.


An assessment of ransomware distribution on darknet markets

The episode with Dr. Eden Kamar talking about using chatbots for research