Cyber Insurance: What does it do for security?

Episode Summary

What is cyber insurance and what role does it play in the provision of information security? Dr. Rainer Böhme, Professor for Security and Privacy in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria joins us talk about cyber insurance and the potential impacts that it is having on security in general and the responses to crime by victimized organizations.

Episode Notes

About our Guests:


Dr. Rainer Böhme


Scott Wright


Papers or resources mentioned in this episode:

Böhme, R., Laube, S., & Riek, M. (2019). A fundamental approach to cyber risk analysis. Variance, 12(2), 161-185.


Woods, DW & Böhme, R 2021, 'How Cyber Insurance Shapes Incident Response: A Mixed Methods Study', Paper presented at The 20th Annual Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, 28/06/21 - 29/06/21.


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Virtual Assets Insurance (by Rainer Böhme), Actuarial Research Conference 2020