Be a Curious Romantic: Understanding how Romance Fraud Works with Linguistic Analysis

Episode Summary

Dr Elisabeth Carter, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Forensic Linguist at the University of Roehampton joins us to discuss romance fraud and the mechanisms that offenders use to victimize intelligent and rational people. We discuss linguistic analysis, genre-mapping, coercive control and how we can help victims and those around them to reduce the harm of this form of crime. Dr James joins us again to answer another of my silly questions about digital forensics.

Episode Notes

About Our Guest:

Dr Elisabeth Carter

Papers mentioned in this Episode:

Carter, E. (2021). Distort, extort, deceive and exploit: Exploring the inner workings of a romance fraud. The British Journal of Criminology, 61(2), 283-302.


Carter, E. (2015). Laughing matters: A conversation analytic account the use of laughter by suspects and officers in the police interview. Essex Graduate Journal of Sociology, 7(1), 99-113.,%20Elisabeth%20Laughing%20matters.pdf


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A Guide to Spotting Romance Fraudsters

TinEye is a reverse image search tool.  You can search with an image for other similar images.

If you can't access that then, you can also reverse image search on google.

About our Expert Guest:

Dr. Joshua James


What we learned:

What happens where there is a difference in analysis between digital forensics investigators ?

Like physical evidence there is little room for differences regarding the facts of a case.  There might be a different in explanation of the meaning of a piece of evidence depending on the story they are presenting. The tools are an instrument of interpreting the meaning of information on a device and tools can make mistakes.  Using multiple tools that extract and analyze data from devices reduces the chance of this happening.  


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